12 July 2014

Two Years!


We are now two years old.
Happy birthday blog!

Unlike last year were we had a big fucking story and update this year it won't be that big of a deal.

Actually alot of steam of this blog has been lost and while it will still exist out of the pure joy us writers get of telling stories., we also will be posting a little bit less.

06 July 2014

Two Weddings and Six Flags

This story involves most of us.

Last week we had a wedding on Saturday in New York and Sunday in Washington DC. Then after hanging out with all those guys I needed some time to relax and meet up with my Pippy to go to Six Flags in NJ.

The first wedding saw Globetrotter Guy get trashed, crowd surf and fall and plenty of side stories. The main fact was if you weren't at table 16 you weren't fun. That included Edgar and his table 10 ass.

The second wedding was a nice small wedding in DC I attended with Globetrotter . It was only 10 people and we had a nice elegant dinner.

Then on my way back to New York I met up with Pippy and we went to Six Flags NJ. Someone recognized me as Yoso Guy and I got into the park for free. Since the park was dead we hit up all the rides by lunch and decided to bounce early.

Doesn't sound too exciting? Well you should of been there for the details.

03 July 2014

Californication; It's Over

Over the years what a great show. David D plays a heartbroken womanizer and successful Hollywood writer in a show that involved a lot of sex drugs and some rock and roll.

Season 7 was the end. There would be no more fucking, there would be no more punching and there definitely would be more Hank. Before I rip season 7 and the finale apart, let me add this disclaimer: I don't think this was suppose to the last season. I don't think the writers planned it out this way and I think they were editing storylines into making this a final season.

Season 7 starts off with adding a new storyline to the fold. Instead of in the final season cleaning up the crap that the characters went thru in a final 12 episode result. It spewed new characters, new storylines and in the end very little results.

Hank takes a TV job writing for the show of the movie he had previously written for two seasons ago. But with the same director came a different producer and different star actors.  Quickly he ends up finding out at the same time he fathered his daughter Becca he fathered a son named Levon to another woman and is now just finding out about it 20+ years later. For some reason his love interest Karen now hates him because he fathered a child he did not know about prior to meeting her. So of course they are on bad terms again. A mix of different storylines weave in and out of season 7 avoiding any closer with new storylines or old.

One the last episode, Hnak gives in writes his own TV show, gives into his daughters wedding, gets on a plane and professes his love to Karen who at first is not impressed by his attempt to win her back but they end up holding hands as the episode ends and leaving viewers wondering if this is them together forever or not? Marcy and Charlie are shown happy as can be after a weird situation because Stu offered Marcy 1 million dollars for sex, a storyline that takes up several episodes and Marcy doesn't go thru with it because she finds a sex doll in her image at Stu's. Stu and his sex doll are shown happily ever after. His son Levon who was made out to be a loser all season finally gets a girl at a bar, with some help from Hank and is shown happy with her at the end of the episode. Hank sets up Levon's mom with the shows producer because during the season they had dated and they are shown happy at the end of the final episode. So that's it?

All of the fucked up stories....and everyone is happy and we have no idea if Hank and Karen stay together? Becca a main character except for season 7 is only to assumed to get married, with a bigger focus on the new kid Levon being happy? Charlie, Marcy, Hank and Karen aren't shown together at the end, together?

There better be a fucking movie and there better be a fucking real ending, none of this everyone's happy shit.

Top 5 Reason's Hank Moody Is More Of A Man Than You
1- He fucked his ex girlfriends, new boyfriends daughter, who was underage and his own daughters age unknowingly.
2-He wallowed in self pity and the arms of hookers who he always treated like a gentleman and defended when they were treated poorly.

3- He took many beatings for the times he slept with girls who were in a relationship and always admitted he deserved that

4-He dreamt about having sex with his girlfriend Faith, at a church while she was dressed as a nun with Marilyn Manson covering Personal Jesus playing. "Reach out and touch Faith"
5- well in  the first 60 episodes he has sex with 26 different girls on camera.

24 June 2014

Open Jaw Trip

For those familiar with travel reservations or airline jargon you will understand what an open jaw is, for the rest of you:

Open jaw- When Someone travels from point A to B then point C to A with no reservation to get from B to C. In the industry we usually add an ARNK(arrival unknown) into your reservation in between B and C to indicate to us you are traveling on your own from B to C.

i.e My trip to pick up my grandma was not only an open jaw but was a thing of beauty for those who enjoy booking trips. As a day trip I needed at least 4 hours in my destination before turning back. In those 4 hours I could help my grandmother with last minute things, visit my grandfathers grave, get a quick lunch and drive back and forth from the airports which are 1 hr in either direction. Scouring the reservation systems like Expedia I came up with this open jaw plus "different" arrival city. I took an 8am down from JFK to Sarasota (an hour north of my grandma) then I booked a 4pm from Fort Myers (an hour south of my grandma) to LaGuardia (or effectively LaGarbage).

It was the exact time frame I was looking for. I grabbed a cheap rental car with a return at a different destination and was on my way.

Air travel can be as easy an accommodating as you need it as long as you make sure you understand air travel. Just like any industry, picking a gym is better when you understand working out and so on.

Need travel tips, I'm your guy!

18 June 2014

Family Time

I have a very large Irish family and we all decided to do something nice to kick off the summer by renting out a large house in rural New York.

We started the day off with some family drinking softball. The score was probably 123-111 in 5 innings. Being the sober one I went 0-9 with a few strikeouts. What can I say, sports ain't my thing.

Then we moved on to water volley ball were i showed my true dominance till i slipped in the pull and twisted my knee so bad I couldn't stand for 20 mins.

After that was a much needed nap to get ready for the night. We did a costume party that had me like


We hung out by a fire and then we played some shuffle board, ping pong, billiards and foosball till everyone couldnt stand from drinking. Then I soberly went to bed...